Marthe A Andersen

Kali Carlmar

Kali Carlmar is the decadent, zodiac dependent, Babylon infested, musical project of Marthe A Andersen and Julie Sagstuen Askildsen. Combining popular culture, with the spoken word chanting of imagined Dionysian love cults, the voices of the artists mingles with the beats of Joakim Thorendahl and creates a modern day black magic dance sensation.

Marthe A Andersen (b. 1986) is an artist based in Oslo. Her lyrics are inspired by low-key childhood traumas, and a certain 80´s witch aesthetics and Fin de siècle romanticism.

Julie Sagstuen Askildsen (b.1984) is a musical wonder kid based in Oslo. She is the golden half of Kali Carlmar, and a scarlet influenced, streetwise, leopard draped, natural born, wild child pentagram-performer. 

Childhood Spell (Spice Girl Magick)

The Sign of the Rending of the Veil is a symbolic gesture performed by the magician. It is performed starting with the arms extended forwards and hands flat against each other (either palm to palm or back to back), then spreading the hands apart with a rending motion until the arms point out to both sides and the body is in a T shape.


Kali Carlmar in concert at KI Beyoncé, Amsterdam

exhibition by Chandra Sen.


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