Marthe A Andersen

Paranormale TV-Shop

18 min; HD-VIDEO, 2014

screened One Night Only, Oslo

"Paranormale TV-Shop: An Apocalypse" explores  the modern language of New Age and mindfulness in an age of hyper-commercialism. Like a chamber-play of dualism, the stage is set in darkness, and the story unfolds in a time where magic and the esoteric have grown together with modern science and created a Frankenstein-monster of an apparatus: an instrument that dissolves the border between existence and non existence: life and death. 

Our two protagonists are put on different stages and act out their moralist views, with the help of improvisation and scripted anecdotes. The characters turns out to be the two pitfalls of the human psyche, the stifling nostalgia of the past and the unreflected embrace of the future, and between them, as a Shakespearian God and a media-savvy Devil; they tear the world apart.


Summary: Paranormale TV-Shop: An Apocalypse

Excerpt: Paranormale Tv-Shop: An Apocalypse


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